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Controlled Concentration

Focus on the present moment. Among its numerous benefits, meditation may help improve many aspects of your life, including stress reduction, control of anxiety, reduction of high blood pressure and to promote emotional well-being. Other benefits can include being less distracted by thoughts, demonstrating an enhanced ability to solve problems and retain and recall information better. Together we will explore different techniques to find a practice that will work for you.

Group and individual sessions are available either in person or online. Please contact Cindy for more information and pricing.

*** Meditate with me on the Insight Timer app. for free, click here:

Private Yoga Sessions

Flexible Body & Mind

Whether you are brand new to the practice of yoga, recovering from an injury, or an experienced practitioner looking to dive deeper into the practices and philosophies of yoga, Cindy can help you find a practice that will suit your needs.

Yoga may help to increase flexibility, build muscle strength and tone, prevent joint breakdown, improve cardiovascular and circulatory health, increase vitality and emotional/mental well-being. Explore what this amazing practice has to offer!

Individual, group instruction and private Integrative Yoga therapy sessions are available.

Sessions may include Pranayama (breathwork), Meditation, Asana (yoga postures) focusing on the optimal alignment and safety for your body, while helping you to explore your edge, gain strength and flexibility, as well as relaxation practices designed to help restore and nourish.

For more information and pricing, please contact Cindy.

 Yoga Nidra 

Spend Some Time With Me

The Practice of Yoga Nidra requires nothing of you, but to lie down and listen! This is a guided meditation practice that systematically takes you through all the levels of your being, where deep healing, rest and true transformation occur. Feel completely held, nourished and supported in this soothing practice.

The practice of Yoga Nidra has been effective in stress reduction, insomnia, pain relief and a myraid of other benefits. The best part is that 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to 3 hours sleep! Catch up on the rest your body and mind deserve! Please visit the insight timer app for several of my Yoga Nidra practices.

For information on private and group Yoga Nidra offerings, please contact  Cindy for more information and pricing.

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