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Straight from the Source

I first met Cindy Yaple in September of 2016 during my Yoga Teacher Training program. Cindy was my teacher and mentor
for the duration of our 6 month intensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Throughout the teacher training program, Cindy was readily available to help me with questions; worked with me one on one, gave me constructive feedback for my sequences, and supported me emotionally. She had a way of inspiring me to become more, yet at the same time telling me I was enough.  Throughout this experience 
I developed a tremendous respect for Cindy’s depth of yoga knowledge and passion for her practice and willingness to drop it all to help
her students.  Today, Cindy continues to mentor me through my yoga journey.  Her dedication to helping
me succeed outside of the yoga teacher program is a testament of her passion for the practice and dedication to her students
continued success.
During my teacher training, I attended Cindy’s gentle classes often.  Each of her classes was unique and left me feeling tremendous peace and wanting more.  During her classes she has a way of educating me enough to where I want to explore topics on my own. Cindy’s ability
to guide her students through postures is like none other.  She seamlessly guides her students through connecting poses using excellent directional language and modifications without making the person feel different or less.  I have never met an instructor with such graceful, effortless, directional flowing language as Cindy.
I have a very deep respect for Cindy and she remains one of my favorite instructors through my beautiful yoga journey.   She inspires me
to maintain a dedicated practice and to be a lifelong learner of yoga.   I can’t express enough what her guidance and energy has meant to me and my practice, and am excited about the lives she will continue to touch on her yoga path.

Carrie E.

I have known Cindy Yaple since 2010. Cindy is a patient, humble and gifted teacher. 
She has a deep understanding of the practice of yoga and how it improves your mind, body and life.  She wants
to share this knowledge with others. I have taken intermediate level classes, restorative classes and yoga nidra classes from Cindy. She
seems to speak to the individual student at the same time as the entire class. She knows her students and her suggestions are crafted to
the student.  She always lets us know ways we can adjust to make sure we are not hurting ourselves, while still getting the most from the posture. 
Cindy has a very calm and welcoming attitude that encourages new students.  Her care and concern are evident, which is why I think so
many people who would not necessarily try yoga, feel comfortable learning from her. Cindy has continued her training and in continuing to
be a student, she becomes a better teacher. Cindy has been an inspiration to me and both of my daughters. I encourage anyone who can,
to spend time with Cindy and have her share her knowledge and love of the practice of Yoga.

Susan D.

My husband and I have been students of Cindy's for seven years. Through her guidance and knowledge of yoga, she has brought more
flexibility, movement and improved health to our everyday lives. 
She is compassionate and pleasant and has instilled in us a desire to continue to improve. Encouragement with no pressure. She always brings something new to our classes.
We also love how she feeds our mind and soul with inspirations, stories and words of wisdom. Cindy is truly a gifted, caring yoga teacher.
We are forever grateful students.

Kathy and Santo C.

" Because of classes of yours that I attended at Kripalu during a 3-day R&R stay, your classes continue to nourish me on an almost daily basis. I loved your class from day 1 and returned all three mornings during my stay to soak up your good energy, your tranquil and calming voice, the excellent images you offered as you moved us through the yoga poses, and the effective sequences you created. I enjoyed your work so much that I purchased the Meditation and Deep Sleep cd before leaving and listen to it regularly. Even when I'm not sitting on a cushion or lying in bed listening to those meditations, I have the cd playing in the background because your voice is so soothing."

L. Stantial

 "I can't thank you enough, ever, for the incredible healing and empowering classes that you offer. It is one of the foundations of my well-being and I know that is true for everyone who is in any of your classes."

Deborah D.

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